Startup Junior

Startup Junior

Information technology course focused towards teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19. Start your own startup from conception to implementation. Develop skills in programming, teamwork, and presentation, and provide a future for your kids. The course is given a combinations of direct instruction by tutors, and presencial meetings with team members.

Computer Programming Languages

HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Java and Javascript

Computer platforms students will learn

Android, IPhone, Angualar.js, Linux, MySQL, NoSQL, Node.js and Ionic


Brainstorming, Market Research, Business Plan and Presentation


The course is given over a period of 3 months part time with flexible times according to team. Teams will be in groups of four. Students need to provide their own computers. Tutors are available for 1 working day per week which can be spread over multiple sessions during the week. Most of the tutors time will involve direct instruction and mentoring.