Are the teachers native speakers?

Yes. The majority of our teachers are from the United Kingdom and a few are from the USA.

Are the teachers qualified?

Grammar and Exam teachers all have master’s degrees in Education from accredited universities.
Discussion teachers are not qualified teachers but do have degrees in other speciality fields for business classes.

Years of teaching English?

Grammar and Exam teachers have been teaching for over 10 years.

When are the teachers available?

GMT+1 from 0800-2000, Monday to Saturday

What is included in the lesson?

Exam-based lessons: lesson-Exam preparation material with audio files.

Discussion-based lessons: Discussion lessons will include the vocabulary, phrasal verbs and common expressions for the topic of the lesson.

Gramamr lessons: A1-C2 writing, listening and grammar content units (30 units and additional exams for each unit)

How are the lessons done?

Our teachers are available on Skype, Whatsapp video calls and Wechat

Can lesson be cancelled?


Are group classes available?

Yes, with a maximum of 4 people in a class with a similar level.

Are company classes available?

Yes, for the same price as private classes.

Are presencial classes done?


Is there a free English level test?

Yes, check out our  free English level test that includes a free evaluation on your speaking and listening ability.

Are telephone classes available?

Yes. For more information click here.

Are there any English summer camps?

Yes. For more information click here

Learning English with Audios?

Email us a one-hour audio recording of a conversation that you have done in English with friends, teachers or in a language exchange. Espeaky will review your audio for mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Feedback is either a written report or a audio report depending on the package you choose.

Even better the price can be shared with your friend making it nearly free to learn English with audios.

Are group classes available?

Yes. Some of the teachers have time slots that allow for more than one booking.

We also provide our group video feedback option that is cheaper than our online classes.

Where can I find a language exchange partner or group?

Espeaky has an online group of students organised according to language ability looking for partners and groups to practice English in. The other option is to go to language exchanges in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Alcala de Henares and Valencia. We have created a very informative article on how you can best learn a language in Madrid’s language exchanges

Questions for English Teachers applying for a position

What do I need to submit for the application?

A copy of your CV that includes any teaching experience, qualifications and hobbies. Be ready with a shoulder profile picture with a neutral background.

What times are lessons done?

Lessons can be done at any time depending on the location of the students. Teachers can choose their own time to teach and can change their teaching schedule.

Cancelling a class with a student?

If a teacher wants to cancel a class they must notify the student 6 hours in advance.

Does an application for Espeaky need to be downloaded?

No, teachers only needs to have Skype, Whatsapp and WeChat on their phones or computer for lessons. Reminders or cancellations for lessons are sent to a teacher’s email account that they registered on. All teachers have a profile on Espeaky where changes can be made to the teaching schedule, profile appearance, etc.

Whats required in a lesson?

This depends on the student who may request lessons in exam preparation, grammar or just plain conversation classes. Espeaky will provide all the materials for these lessons but teachers can create their own lesson plans should they choose to.

How are students assessed for their English level and learning needs?

All students are required to do a level test in speaking, writing, listening and grammar usage that determines their level prior to contacting the teacher. Teachers will be required to write a short summary of the lesson on the student’s performance to assist with preparation in the next class.

Can I choose between group and individual classes?

Yes. A group class will have a maximum of 4 students in a group class (all students in a group will have an equal language ability)

Is the hourly salary only inclusive of teaching per hour via Skype, Whatsapp or WeChat?