Online Native English Teachers

From €7.50/hour

Private English Teachers by Skype

Nativ English teacher-Elsa

As a professional teacher trained specifically for children, Elsa has more than 5 years of experience. She also qualified to teach general English courses and is very popular with both adult and young students.

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  • Online English teacher by Skype-Sarah

    Sarah, an experienced and certified English teacher, focuses her lessons on improving the conversation skills of her students during private lessons.

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  • Business English teacher online-Ryan

    If you need a private English teacher specialising in English courses for lawyers, businesses or companies, then Ryan is the one for you. His experience teaching intensive English courses for companies online is more than 4 years and for students from all over the world. Ryan is also available for private tuition in Madrid.

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  • British teacher specialised in exam preparation

    Marian has been preparing students to pass official English exams for more than 3 years. She is an expert on Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL exams for all levels.

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  • What type of private English classes are offered?

    Particulares de preparación de exámenes

    Online exam preparation

    Do you have an English exam starting in less than 2 weeks and starting to panic?

    Do not worry, we are here to support you.

    We offer survival classes that are based on the areas that you need help with most. Our exam preparation teachers will focus on either one or two areas of the Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS exam (writing, listening, speaking, grammar).

    Mock exams are stimulated online in your home. The results from this will give our exam preparation teacher the critical information to better prepare you.

    You can also do telephone classes between lesson with different teachers. This helps you to become more comfortable with different accents and gain confidence with speaking.

    Clases de inglés privados para empresas

    Private online English classes for businesses

    Finding a teacher for specialised careers is hard. Most teachers offer “general business English”.
    We do not.
    Our teachers are specialised in areas of business from lawyers to accountants. In this highly competitive world, general Business English is not enough.
    Comprehensive English training programmes at all levels are available for small and medium sized companies as well as multinationals.

    Clases particulares de conversación

    Private conversation classes

    Online conversation classes are a popular busco for many of our students. At a basic level, speaking the language and not studying it is the way to quickly learn English.
    Our teachers are focused on giving you a great conversation class by discovering what your interests are or your area of work. Then they choose a select range of vocabulary and expressions that they practice with you in the class
    These classes are probably the easiest way that you can practice speaking at home with the English language and not in some old classroom.

    How do we help you with our language immersion

    Our teachers teach with the objective of improving your ability to speak with fluidity and accuracy in your career. This includes improving your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

    Our teachers are all nativos with experience and certifications. But they are not just simple academy teachers who give you homework. They want to create a closer relationship with you by learning about your career goals and following your language journey. By doing so they create great classes that you can benefit from.

    Many of our teachers are also experienced in other careers. We have trained lawyers, accountants and medical practitioners to list a few.

    Profesores particulares de inglés

    What else do we provide you apart from language learning ?

    English teachers by Skype are not the only service that we offer. Our students value our specialised online flipped learning learning content. This allows students to come to classes that encourage the use of the language, not studying it in a textbook.
    The native teachers at Espeaky create these customised language content that you do before your clase. The work can be:
    1) Recording your voice in a conversation exchange to practice certain expressions.
    2) Using certain business vocabulary in an email.
    3) Giving your comments on a soccer game
    4) Doing online quizzes

    Contact us for more information

    If you are interested in finding out more about our online or presencial English classes with your own private English teacher, please write to us below

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