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itutorgroup reviews

Out of the three big online ESL companies (Likeshuo and Hujiang being the other two) that cater for both adults and children in China, Taiwan and Japan (most ESL companies cater primarily for children) itutorgroup generally has a good reputation amongst teachers. Teacher have enjoyed the wide range of students that they teach throughout the day from young children to mature adults.

Teachers are very happy that they don’t have to prepare any materials as itutorgroup has prepared thousands of courses (by interest, grammar, etc) including the Oxford University Program. Teacher are encouraged to use their own materials or search for materials to supplement the teaching material. Some teachers have noted that itutor will credit teachers for using extra props or creating their own supplementary materials. Be warned that the materials for children are lacking in content and teachers have had situations were they finished the presentation but had 20 minutes to spare and had to improv on the spot. A big downside during the class is that the teacher cannot usually see the pupils that they are teaching and this makes the class feel more detached for some.

Another big feature of itutorgroup that teachers rave about is the good support that itutorgroup provides as well as the Facebook group that both Tutorabc (a subsidiary of itutorgroup that focuses only on children) and itutorgroup use to share teaching ideas and tips.

Itutorgroup is more relaxed with teachers cancelling classes in advance and doesn’t give a limit on advanced cancellations unlike Vipkid.

Class sizes are up to 6 people but there are some one-to-one classes.

The itutorgroup interview process

Unlike the interview process at Likeshuo which many have reported to be a breeze, itutorgroup is more serious with its interview process expecting applying teachers to properly explain:

  • How they teach
  • What they would do in different classroom situations
  • How they would handle difficult pupils/know some classroom management strategies.

Some teachers have reported that its important to know the common lingo that is used amongst ESL teachers, e.g. teacher talk time, open-ended questions, TPR etc. This shows the interviewer that you are not some backpacker English teacher who did a quick online TEFL course. Teachers will also be asked what their available times are as itutorgroup expects teachers to teach during specific set hours during the week and weekend. These set times are as follows:

  • Peak times (Weekdays 19:30, 20:30 Beijing time)
  • Weekend times 08:30-11:30, 13:30-15:30

You have to do one interview, a 2 hour online training, and test your video, internet connection and microphone before you get hired. The average interview process is one week.

itutorgroup jobs

itutorgroup is constantly asking for natives to join them especially from the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Non-natives and natives from South Africa will find themselves in less demand. Applicants are required to have a bachelors degree, teaching experience and teaching qualification (CELTA, TEFL, TESOL being the most in demand).

Itutor Classes can be 10, 25 or 45 minutes in length

We currently have 2000 students looking for online teachers.

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itutorgroup salary/pay

Native teachers  from the USA, Canada and the UK without an attendance bonus can earn around $20/£16/€18 per hour and can expect to be fully booked if they have a good reviews from students.  At itutorgroup your bonus does depend on student reviews (some parents will be watching the class and will rate the class afterwards) and itutorgroup will be hard on teachers for bad reviews even if the teacher did no wrong (e.g. bad internet connection, difficult student, etc). A big win for teachers is during the summer season in Asia especially all day on Saturday and Sunday. The base pay of $15/£11.70/€13 per hour for class is given regardless of student reviews, in theory as many teachers have highlighted that itutorgroup will try to deduct pay for various insignificant reasons. Pay comes on the 10th of every month.
However, if natives are working outside their countries of origin they will receive a salary relevant to the country that they are in. For example, a native teacher from the United Kingdom working and teaching online in India will recieve the teaching salary that an English teacher receives.

Itutorgroup also promises teacher recruiters up to $100 for each new teacher that joins the platform through them but many native teachers have reported this to be false.

Non-native teachers can usually expect half the wage of a native teacher and will have less job security.

Itutorgroup reviews