Likeshuo english reviews and payments

Likeshuo job review from a teacher’s perspective

likeshuo review
This article will review Likeshuo on the following things:

  • The Likeshuo website
  • Teaching with Likeshuo
  • Likeshuo’s general english department (the most popular destination for ESL teachers)
  • Likeshuo pay/salary

The Likeshuo website

The website is fairly easy to use provided that you don’t wander off the two main pages for teachers.

The first is the Teacher Centre page that is basically a Facebook lookalike page for the teacher to make posts for his or her student minions to follow and like. It is possible to see who is viewing your profile but there isn’t a way to contact them. Likeshuo has ensured a very divide and conquer strategy to ensure that teachers and students do not interact outside of the classroom. Here you can also change your bank details as well as personal information. For some reason you have to contact your teacher assistant in order to change your time zone.

The second page is the main page where you set your schedule, see what classes are upcoming and ask for teacher support. The teacher support team is notoriously unhelpful and they will do their very best to make you contact your teacher assistant for help. Also expect very sarcastic responses to some very basic questions that you may ask.

Teaching with Likeshuo

Classes are 45 minutes in length with a maximum of 4 learners. The levels are from L4 (lower intermediate) to L12 (upper intermediate) but as usual students will often be well below the English level they have chosen. Most teachers report the students to be very pleasant and keen to talk about the given topic. Likeshuo provides the content for each lesson in the form of a presentation. These presentations are often poorly done and the required grammar to be taught is for some reason in Chinese and even a good translator is unable to figure out what is required of the teacher. The presentation are either too short or too long and will have the following structure:

  1. Warm up questions
  2. Vocabulary to be covered
  3. More questions on the topic
  4. Reading exercise
  5. Dialogue reading exercise
  6. More random questions

The topics are like the questions, very random. Some presentation topics will be “where do you buy alcohol” and “what romance films do you watch”

It is unlikely that you will have repeat students. Homework is not given out and after each lesson teachers are required to review each student’s progress with some random comments as well as give some feedback on the presentation.

Likeshuo’s teaching advisers say they do quality control on each lesson but many teachers have reported not following the presentation or dressing in prohibited clothes and not being called out.

If you want to cancel a class within a day, Likeshuo will hit you with a hard penalty of 200% of whatever is your hourly wage. Make sure you cancel with more than 24 hours in advance. In theory if you have to cancel a lesson due to a medical emergency you have to prove this to your teaching advisor but this is usually ignored.

Likeshuo’s General English Department

Most of the Facebook recruiters will advise newbies to register for Likeshuo’s General English Department. This is basically where the adult classes take place for general conversation. A teacher will choose a teaching advisor, basically your manager, and being assigned a second, more senior teaching advisor.  The second teaching advisor is normally for difficult to contact. Be advised that your teaching advisors will be Chinese and will probably have a B1/B2 level of English, so expect a lot of grammar mistakes. The teaching advisors are also not very helpful and will often make decisions or given instructions that are contrary to what was instructed in the training video or written in the offer letter.

We currently have 2000 students looking for online teachers.

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Likeshuo Salary

First off the salary. To be very honest its not great to begin with after the interview process is completed and the probation begins. Native teachers can expect to start at 100RMB per 45 minute class and non-natives will get lower that this regardless of experience, credentials and qualifications. The probation period lasts for 20 lessons that can be completed in however many days as a teacher prefers. If the probation period is completed before the closing of the month then in theory your post-probation wage will be offered after the evaluation. If you finish the 20th lesson in the first week of the next month then you have to wait until the end of the month to get the raise whilst still teaching a minimum of 30 classes each month. A number of teachers have complained that Likeshuo teaching assistants will find the smallest infringement to delay the probation and thus continue to pay a native teacher the 100RMB wage.

Recieving payments from Likeshuo is relatively simple if you have a bank account in the EU or the USA. People from outside of these countries will find it difficult to recieve payment and will probably need to have a Chinese bank account. Likeshuo claims to not pay to Paypal but people have reported recieving money into their Paypal accounts. However, many people have reported substantial differences between what was promised to them in the offer letter and what was recieved. One teacher stated that 100rmb/€12.56 was offered for each trial class but upon receiving payment the average class rate was close to €10. Even accounting for bank transfer deductions of on average 100RMB this would still not justify such a big difference in payout. Likeshuo will offer the following incentives to raise you salary:

  • Teach a minimum of 60 classes each month and recieve roughly an extra €1 per class but you cannot be late for any class or recieve more than 3 negative reviews
  • Provide detailed feedback on the lesson presentations.
  • Make material for the class
  • Invite teachers to join Likeshuo
  • Tips, in the form of U coins, given by students for a good class (not very much on average)

Considering the high demands that are placed on these various incentives the rewards are not really worth the effort.  There is also no difference in how much you are paid if you help convert students in group classes into private (or as Likeshuo calls them tutorial classes) despite the encouragement from Likeshuo to do so.

Payments from Likeshuo are normally done between the 10th and 15th of each month for the preceding month’s work.