Preply reviews on commission and website

Preply reviews on commission and website

Preply commission

Preply has a very high commission for newcomers. First there is the 100% whack for every new student that you teach. Subsequent classes have varied commissions as shown below:

So to get to a more market acceptable level of 20% you would need to devote 400 hours of teaching time. To put this in other figures you would have to work an eight-hour day for 50 days nonstop. On top of that students need to confirm that they did the class with you and some will attempt not to so as to book other classes with the same money. This requires following up with preply, which takes about 3 days of waiting.

There have also been complaints that the exchange rates from Preply to your paypal account are not in line with the daily international rate.

Another problem is that students can book classes using Preply’s instant booking feature giving you only a few hours to prepare a class or reschedule an existing client.

What if your student doesn’t come to class. Well tough luck as there is no recompensation for you.

Preply competition

See for yourself, there are over 25 000 English teachers alone on the site. Preply is where iTalki was 5 years ago where newcomers to the teaching world where fighting for a handful of new students on very low prices (before commission) whilst established teachers were having a field day.

If you are a non-native then count yourself out as new native teachers in Ireland and the United Kingdom are charging low prices in an attempt to penetrate the market.

For native teachers I would advise that you price your services at $10 per hour (before commission) in order to get a foothold on the platform.

Preply packages

Preply does offer its customers packages that gives them classes with you in bulk. These do not affect your commission in any way but it does give you some reassurance that the student will be with you for a couple of lessons.

Preply find students

Preply does have a page devoted to students posting requests for teachers via their platform, very similar to lingobongo jobs section. However, most students are demanding very low prices for native teachers. So once again you are competing with the thousands of other teachers that are hunting for endangered students.

Most of the students come from the Balkans and Russia. They generally have a good level of English and seek a life in Western Europe and the United States. Most of your students will be adults but I have had a few students who have been high school children preparing to study in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Preply cancellation policy and cancelling of lessons

Teachers are excepted to notify their students well in advance and cancel the class on their schedule. On the other side students can cancel in a moments notice without any penalty.


Preply vs Italki vs Espeaky

Italki has reduced the number of teachers on its platform as well as the number of applications that it successfully processes. Italki also gets most of its students from China and South East Asia where demand is very strong, particularly amongst children. Italki’s commission is only 15% making it a much more attractive than Preply.

Espeaky gives 60% of the value of the class to the teacher. Most of the students are adults from South America and Spain looking for business English lessons.