Online English course

Online English course

Intensive English language course online

After teaching both university students and businessmen, we have discovered that it is time and not cost that is often the prohibiting problem to improving English. People nowadays do not have the time to do intensive courses that span six or more months.

With this in mind we designed courses that are focused in two areas. Conversation and quick mastery of one business English skill.

Spoken English courses with native teachers

Most students of English have already learnt the grammar in school and can recite the construction of the various mixed conditionals from memory. What they lack is the confidence to speak English comfortably and the basic vocabulary to understand a conversation.

However to do this they need to speak English with natives and very few of our Spanish students know on a personal level English speakers outside of the English academies or language exchanges.

So this means choosing one of the following:

  • Learn English at the British Council, very expensive.
  • Do English courses in London (more expensive than the British Council)
  • Do conversational classes in language academies with native teachers

The last option is the most popular in the big cities in Spain, France and Italy. But there are two problems with language academies. The costs of one-to-one conversation classes are not cheap as you can see for yourself by following this link.

This leaves the other option of conversation classes in groups that are much cheaper than private classes.

The problem with this is that unless the other members in the group are friends, most Spanish people do not feel comfortable making mistakes in front of strangers. The same applies to group classes in in-company lessons where often the manager may be part of a group. His subordinates will be afraid to make mistakes in front of the boss. The other issue is that group classes are done on set dates and times. The teacher is also normally the same thus reducing exposure to different accents and teaching methodologies.

This leaves the last option of doing our Skype english lessons. We provide the flexibility of choosing when to do the classes, the length of the class (30 minutes is our minimum) and the teacher.

Learning one Business English online skill

We offer several business English courses under our silver course package. These focus on the 5 most important business english skills that should be learnt in 2019. These have been highlighted by the British Council as being the most prized Business English skills going ahead from 2018.

As most English teachers have very little experience in the business world we have hired retired businessman who have had success in marketing, sales and management. These private, one-ton-one classes will be complimented by conversational and grammar classes. In these lessons one of our native teachers will practice the vocabulary and skills that you have learnt in your business English lessons to correct grammar and pronunciation mistakes.

Our silver course will get you to full mastery of the following business English skills within 20 hours:

  • Business meetings in English
  • Presenting company products and services

Our gold course of 30 hours is for the executive level who want to feel confident with:

  • Using english in your sales pitch
  • Attending trade fairs, conferences and congresses
  • Maintaining international relations with customers and international subsidiaries

It is also important to consider that English, as a soft skill, is very difficult to certify as the world of business is constantly changing. What our teachers do is to give you the framework to improve on.

We also encourage our students that after successfully completing their chosen course that they do regular 30 minute classes once a week to maintain their English level.