How to learn English quickly and cheap?

How to learn English quickly and cheap?

Learning English with friends by discussing popular music, films, Netflix and TV series is a more enjoyable than sitting in a class with a boring teacher. Most people acknowledge that they learnt most of their expressions and vocabulary by watching their favourite TV series and using the vocabulary when discussing it with their friends. Personally I have learn great new phrases in Spanish through the popular TV series La Casa de Papel and later discuss new phrases with my girlfriend on how best to use them.

At espeaky we encourage you to have these ¨English classes¨ with your friends in a cafe and during the discussion record the conversation on a phone as an audio or video file. Upload this file to Espeaky and one of our private English teachers will check the entire video for ;

  • Pronunciation errors
  • Grammar Errors
  • Synonyms for repeated words and expression (for example, on the one hand)
  • Incorrect conjugacions

Where can I find a partner or group?

Espeaky has an online group of students organised according to language ability looking for partners and groups to practice English in. The other option is to go to language exchanges in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Alcala de Henares and Valencia. In English language exchanges you can ask for permission to record the conversation. The last option is to organise a group class with friends in a bar to discuss a popular topic in English over some drinks.

How do I learn English €1?

The price depends on how many people are in the conversation who are paying for the video. If you have 5 people and the cost is €5 for checking the lesson then the price will be €1 per person. If there are more people then the price is divided even more and everybody gets feedback from a native teacher.