Learning difficulties dyslexic, ADHD and games

Learning difficulties dyslexic, ADHD and games

Learning difficulties affects 30% of children and can sometimes are labelled as Dyslexia or ADHD. Often these kids just simply left behind in our one stream education systems. Making a difference  is especially relevant in between the ages of 6 to 18, and can often become more psychological for children, affecting the self esteem and confidence of the student. All subjects are often affected, as the main communication channel is written in most schools. Language subjects such as English, French and Spanish are often become focal points of problem areas for the student.

Breaking the Downward Spiral of Learning Difficulty

Learning challenged students often become highly autonomous and prefer indirect learning channels such as online, or self learning. They have learned this by been left behind. Otherwise they might have just given up. Video games and comics might become an obsession with these kinds of kids, and the parents might see this as a negative thing, which is not always the case. What a parent is seeing is someone who is motivated, that motivation simply needs to be focused in a well managed learning environment.

Video Games for Learning English

Modern video games often require headsets and communication and have a world wide player base. A team can be multilingual with English, French and Spanish speakers. Especially in FPS (First person shooters) like Overwatch, Destiny and Call to duty on XBOX, PlayStation and PC.  The belief is that these games are mindless and not good for children, which can be true in some scenarios but is far from the truth in serious modern gaming. Students can learn real language and team skills. They might even make new friends. Modern gamers can make professional prizes and salaries.

Comics, Magazines and Articles

The smaller amounts of text in comics, magazines and newspaper articles can hold the short attention spans of most dyslexic or learning challenged students. It also inspires interest in topics that are relevant to the students.

Espeaky Video Game and Xbox Club

We organise multilingual groups where the focus is on developing skills in teamwork, English and Spanish. We currently have two clubs on the XBOX one console under “ESpeaky”. XBOX one Clubs

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