English Exam Preparation (Free Quote)

English Exam Preparation (Free Quote)

English Academies like to offer exam preparation courses that are designed to make you spend more money without preparing you enough for the Cambridge IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC exams. The level test you take, typically a short grammar and conversation test, doesn’t matter as the English Academies will get you started from the beginning in each section without considering your weak areas.

So we offer you a choice. Take the test from free English level we offer or read to get a free quote for an exam preparation course with a native speaker teacher.

Most students never see an example of the exam they are studying until one month before the exam. At espeaky we want you to see the exam from the very beginning.

First choose the exam you want in the official website of the Cambridge exam.

Then download and complete the listening, English usage and reading sections of the exam. Send your answers here.

Your results will be given immediately with a study schedule and a recommended teacher.

Organize a 30-minute private class to receive a detailed assessment of your ability to speak and write with one of our native English teachers. Before the lesson you will complete one of the Cambridge exams. It will be marked and reviewed with the private English teacher who will also assess your native ability.

Alternatively, send a 5 or 10 minute recording here for a cheaper review of your speaking ability.