English Conversation Classes online

English Conversation Classes online

At Espeaky we believe a person can achieve “survival status’ in English within 3 months of conversation practice and in 6 months can feel comfortable to have a conversation within a group of natives. We ensure this can be achieved within an affordable, structured environment.

Why do English conversation classes?

English conversation classes are the quickest way to reinforce what has been learnt in previous classes. Many students believe the way to learn a language is through studying it and neglect to put what they study into practice. Studying will not help improve pronunciation of difficult vowel sounds or improve the listening ability to distinguish between “bitch” and “beach” or “shit” and “sheet”. Speaking classes help to reinforce grammar in the way natives use them in real life not just in the textbook. To be honest, it is the funniest way to learn a language.

However, practicing with a native in Madrid is very expensive. Most native private teachers will charge no less than €16 per hour and will increase their prices if they have to travel. Secondly, English teachers in Madrid will only focus on correcting your pronunciation and maybe some grammar mistakes but will have no real class structure. The English academies in Madrid have expensive one to one classes starting at €25 euros and generally there is no class structure.

Choose what you want to do

At Espeaky we want to provide a conversation class that is affordable, organised and is taught by a native teacher. We provide a free English level test that helps identify areas where you need to improve. We also welcome suggestions from students to better understand their learning needs. We ask what type of conversation classes you need (English for business, law, medical, travel etc) so that we can provide a syllabus that combines your learning needs within the area of work or travel that is choosen

What happens in the class

Each conversation class will follow the following interactive structure:

  • A review of the previous lesson and homework for doubts (10 minutes)
  • Introduction to the topic, vocabulary and expressions that will be practiced (10 minutes)
  • Practice the new vocabulary and expressions within the topic (30 minutes)
  • Recap of the conversation of major mistakes and assigning homework

Our English conversation classes: why choose us?

  • Our teachers are all natives from the United Kingdom or United States.
  • All of our English teachers are qualified teachers from top universities with an average of  years experience.
  • We never substitute native teachers with bilingual Spanish teachers.
  • After each lesson you receive written feedback on your performance with areas to improve on in preparation for the next lesson.
  • Our conversation classes are the cheapest in Spain and provide a quality education.
  • Some of our teachers are exams preparation officers and can help determine what assistance you need in exam preparation classes based on your performance in the speaking classes.

Why can’t I just speak for one hour

Speaking without learning new words and expressions will result in students repeating what they have already mastered. At Espeaky we want to see you learn English as quickly as possible an achieve mastery in 6 months. To do this we need to introduce new content in every lesson and reinforce previous knowledge until masterly is achieved.

What do I need to the classes?

A Skype account, WhatsApp or WeChat to do the lessons and a google drive folder to receive homework.